Friday, January 4, 2013

New Goal: The Ultra Marathon

While I haven't been blogging for a while ever since the big Chicago Marathon in October, I want to do something bigger.

I'm signing up for an Ultramarathon.  50 miles.

I wanted to sign up for the Chicago 50 miler, but it's on March 23, and that doesn't give me enough time to train.

A good training regimen requires at least 16 weeks of planned, concerted running and cross-training to avoid injury and perform at your best.

I'll be posting more articles and information on dieting and training regimens, since I'll be working towards a new goal.

New development, too:
I'll be fundraising for my student organization, ALMas.  I'll be raising money to pay for children's books and other partnerships.

I'm going to be knocking on a few doors to get this started.  I also need more pictures on this blog.