Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ultra Marathon Training is Back in Session

Today:  5 miles
Yesterday:  50 minutes Insanity Strength

I'm hurting!  But it's hurts so good!


I'm sorry I've been MIA.  I had been struggling with not just a running rut, but a life rut.  I was scared of moving forward with a few major initiatives in my life that would test my ability to lead and see things through.

But I made a promise to run, to fundraise, to inspire.  And I'm going to do that.  I made that promise, and I don't want to break that promise, because it's more than me.  It's ALMas, the pre-k literacy program I'm trying to start up.  It's the only thing I want to leave behind here at the University of Chicago.

I'm going to do it, and I'm going to run this ULRA for ALMas, and I'm going to raise $3K  (or try really hard to).